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    -STITCHES COLLECTION- (10 items)

    • Stitches Irregular Top: A irregular cut top, with a mesh cutout. (20 swatches)
    • Krueger Oversized Shirt Dress: A big and tacky shirt dress . (20 swatches)
    • Goosebumps Patched Dress: A patched dress, inspired by Goosebumps novels. (20 swatches)
    • Frankenstein Jeans: A pair of jeans brought back from the dead!!!. (20 swatches)
    • Gamble Dice Choker: A choker made of dice, play if you wanna... (20 swatches)
    • Widow Veil:  A stylized veil, to hide your crocodile tears. (20 swatches)
    • High Key Heels EA Height: A square toed scarf wrap heel, with fun prints. (50 swatches)
    • Precision Heels EA Height: A pointy heel glass mule with clear, pattern, and solid prints (30 swatches)
    • Malibu Heels EA Height: A square toed flip flop with heels, because normal ones are too basic lol. (26 swatches)
    • Low Key Heels EA Height: A square toed strappy heel in bold colors. (25 swatches)


    🎃🎃🎃HAPPY HALLOWEEN🎃🎃🎃 Enjoy these fits for spooky day ♥




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    • Yes, you can re-color, but do NOT, include the original mesh. Or I will also have to fight you to the death, and win. 
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